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Salih YÖN;

    He was born in Çeltikçi County in Burdur in 1965. He went to his primary and secondary school in Çeltikçi, and graduated from Burdur Commerce High School. Later, he graduated from Air Force Technical School – Izmir in 1983 and assigned to Turkish Air Force Plans and Policies Departmant in Ankara. After he served here 17 years, he was assigned to 5th Main Jet Base – Merzifon in 2000.


           In Merzifon, he was assigned to Painting Gallery which was set up by himself as a Painting Teacher. In this gallery, he worked four years and taught painting to air force personnel, their spouses and children daytime, night time and at weekends.


           In addition, he renovated a 1939 year built two-flat historical house all on his own and turned this building into a Art Center. This Art Center named “ATAÇAĞ SANAT MERKEZİ” (Workshop & Gallery) was not only the first Art Center in history of Merzifon but also the first private art center in Amasya Region.


           Salih YÖN, was resigned from air force in December 2003 just one year before his retirement and moved to Antalya. He set up “SALİH YÖN SANAT EVİ” (Workshop & Gallery) in Antalya. He continues his art works in SALİH YÖN SANAT EVİ.


           He started his paintings during primary school and won some presents in contests. He progressed his works when he was in Ankara due to very close relation to art environment. He continued his work two years in famous Painter Hikmet ÇETİNKAYA and two years famous Painter Sabri AKÇA Galleries.


           He had a chance to research and study museums and art galleries in Germany, Holland and Belgium.


           Artists’ paintings came from military painter’s generation and had only chance to paint in nights. Painter Sabri AKÇA commented on artist’s production that his works are based on natural beauties of historical place ve regions in a impressionist and poetic style and relaxing the spectator.


           Painter YÖN, was the member of selection board in National Painting Contest for the subject of “Aviation” a few times in Ankara.


           He won the prize in the painting contest organized by OYAK Instution.


           He is the member of Ankara Painter Union, GESAM and GÜSAD (Association of Fine Arts - Antalya) and the president of GÜSAD Management Board.


    His paintings are in official ve and private collections in national and international exhibitions.




           -  More than 70 exhibitions of GESAM’s and Ankara Painters Association’s inside and outside Turkey.

              Furthermore; Some of other mixed activities:


           -  1997 Living Military Painters Exhibition  - İSTANBUL

           -  1998 Living Military Painters Exhibition  - İSTANBUL

           -  1998 OYAK General Management - ANKARA

           -  2000 Living Military Painters Exhibition  - İSTANBUL

           -  2001 ATAÇAĞ Art Center - MERZİFON

           -  2002 Living Military Painters Exhibition  - İSTANBUL

           -  2002 ATAÇAĞ Art Center - MERZİFON

           -  2002 Rusçuk Municipality Exhibition Lounge - BULGARIA

           -  2003 ATAÇAĞ Art Center - MERZİFON

    -  2003 D.G.S.G. (Hazeranlar Mansion) – AMASYA

    -  2005 D.G.S.D. ESKİŞEHİR

    -  2005 D.G.S.G. ANTALYA

    -  2006 D.G.S.G. ANTALYA

    -  2007 D.G.S.G. ANTALYA

    -  2008 D.G.S.G. ANTALYA




           -  1996 Hikmet ÇETİNKAYA Art Gallery - ANKARA

           -  1997 Dedeman Hotel Exhibition Lounge - ANKARA

           -  1997 Hikmat ÇETİNKAYA Art Gallery - ANKARA

           -  1998 Ankara Art Gallery - ANKARA

           -  1998 İDA Art Gallery - ANKARA

           -  1999 Fuaye of VAKIFBANK General Management - ANKARA

           -  1999 ORUN Art Center - ANKARA

           -  2000 Konrad Adenauer Vakfı Exhibition Lounge - ANKARA

           -  2000 T.C. Ziraat Bank Cultur Center - ANKARA

           -  2000 ATAÇAĞ Art Center - MERZİFON

           -  2001 ATAÇAĞ Art Center - MERZİFON

           -  2001 D.G.S.G. (Hazeranlar Mansion) - AMASYA

           -  2002 ATAÇAĞ Art Center - MERZİFON

           -  2003 ATAÇAĞ Art Center - MERZİFON

           -  2004 SALİH YÖN SANAT EVİ - ANTALYA

    -  2005 D.G.S.G. (Museum) – MUĞLA

    -  2005 MUĞLA University - MUĞLA

    -  2006 D.G.S.G. - ANTALYA

    -  2007 AFYON Kocatepe University - AFYON


    CONTACT  :

    SALİH YÖN SANAT EVİ (Galeri & Atölye)

    Meydan Kavağı Mah.Avni Tolunay Cad. No:45/B 07200 ANTALYA

    Telephone: (0090242) 313 19 13  GSM: (0090532) 355 76 67


    WEB SITE: http://www.salihyon.com.tr          E-MAIL: salih@salihyon.com.tr